So many terms with a common prefix that qualify what EX.Paris is. And if EX.Paris was EXactly at the crossroads of EXcellence in the Arts and Fine Crafts…

The Project

is pleased to announce the creation of EX.Paris whose 1st edition will take place at the Grand Palais Éphémère from November 27 to December 5, 2021.

At the service of the Arts and Fine Crafts

EX.Paris is the first economic and cultural exchange event celebrating artistic excellence and finest craftsmanship. To face this challenge, the project focuses on transversality, interdisciplinarity and cultural transmission, by welcoming both galleries – of antiques, ancient art, modern art, decorative arts, design… – and professionals from the luxury and finest manufacturing sectors.

This mix of high quality exhibitors, presented in a clear and spacious scenography, will come together around a common mission: to prioritize the visitor’s experience by enabling the discovery of exceptional pieces and enhancing unique encounters.

Surprising, amazing, sharing the rarity of the experience… are the key points of these encounters.

A team of experienced professionals to enhance, promote and transmit the historical values of the art market and excellence

The initiative for this project was born of the audacity of Alexis Cassin, who, eager to lead this ambitious project to success, surrounded himself with a team of accomplished experts in charge of creating an environment capable of bringing together, in a single location, the best protagonists of the various sectors of the arts and art of living: Fabienne Lupo, curator of the fine crafts sector, Henri Jobbé-Duval and Mathias Ary Jan, co-curators of the arts sector, and the architect-scenographer Patrick Bazanan. As a partner of the event, the Syndicat National des Antiquaires (SNA) and its vice-president Mathias Ary Jan, while federating the art galleries, will guarantee the spirit of its landmark and historical fair at the Grand Palais.

Over the past decade, the dynamics of the art and decorative arts market have changed significantly, driven by a greater hybridization of tastes and aspirations on the part of collectors. These aesthetes now combine their acquisitions by not imposing any barrier between antiques, contemporary creations or design, and moreover by weaving correlations with their lifestyle (luxury goods, art of living, gastronomy, travel, leisure…) for which they nourish the same requirements of quality, singularity and authenticity.

An innovative and dedicated event

As a formidable cross-disciplinary platform for excellent craftsmanship, EX.Paris is supported by the Arts and Fine Crafts Foundation and the Manufactura company.

The Arts and Fine Crafts Foundation ensures the total impartiality of the parties involved in the event. This structure is essential for communicating skills, supporting the transmission of knowledge and raising awareness among a younger audience, and is the guarantee of the current of excellence mentioned above. Manufactura hereby acts as the event’s technical and commercial operator.

Perfectly in line with the sustainable commitments required by our planet, EX.Paris is also the first event organized in the Grand Palais to be ISO 20121 certified. This certification guarantees 100% traceability of the elements used for its implementation, right down to the bio-waste.

With a future oriented vision of the art and culture market, the event is an opportunity for new encounters and unique experiences. EX.Paris offers a trade fair model attuning with the expectations of a society in search of new benchmarks to create an environment driven by a personal and responsible mindset.

Finally, the challenges of this project are in accordance with the heritage of a France that has never ceased to be at the heart of exchanges between tradition and modernity, and in an international context based on a French cultural model that is more than ever radiant throughout the world.



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