Becoming an Exhibitor



EX.Paris, a new kind of event, is the first rendez-vous of economical and cultural exchange celebrating artistic excellence and the finest craftsmanship : the promise of an international meeting place for art dealers, gallerists, luxury Houses, and craftsmanship representants, collectors, specialists and enthusiasts.

Supported by Manufactura, a technical and commercial operator, the project focuses on transversality, interdisciplinarity and cultural transmission

An exacting selection

Selected by a neutral and impartial arbitration committee, gathering Arts and Fine Crafts Foundation members, exhibitors promote art and craftmanship through a range of various fields: Antiques, Asian art, Modern and contemporary art, Primitive art Historical design, Rare books, Institutions, Foundations, Fine jewellery, Fine watchmaking, Decorative arts.


To become an exhibitor at EX.Paris is to:

  • Be part of a vibrant contemporary event, accessible to all and aimed at curious visitors in search of a unique experience.
  • Meet market players and develop your economic exchanges.
  • Participate in the transmission of knowledge, in the cultivation of appreciation, in the development of critical thinking, in the structuring of points of view.
  • Become a bridge-builder who contributes to dialogues straddling culture, knowledge and technology.

EXPARIS in figures

35 000

visitors expected


journalists expected



8 000 m²

of area